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JGA Products > DataMaster
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  JGA DataMaster PDF 

DataMaster is a custom application development tool providing an array of database, user interface and reporting services.

DataMaster Features Include:
   Hierarchical menu system that is searchable and can be quickly changed or    customized.

  Appearance, menu selection, printing defaults and many other parts of DataMaster can be    configured per user, group, account, or system level.
  Screens consist of fields which can be fixed length, variable length, check boxes, radio    buttons, date, numeric, image display, buttons, or word wrapping text.
  All standard database field options such as defaults, validation, lookups, calculations,   mandatory, display only, data indexing, etc. are available.
  Multiple fields can be grouped so that multi-valued fields can be viewed together.   
   Multi-valued fields can be set up in a spreadsheet-like windowing format.

  Any field on a screen can be used to query a file, via the same forms used for data entry.

Download the DataMaster PDF to learn more.
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