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Over the past several years, the Administration and Congress have advanced proposals to improve economic opportunities in distressed communities throughout the country. Both the Administration and Congress have sought to promote economic development and employment growth in such communities through access to Federal contract opportunities.
The HUB Zone Empowerment Contracting Program seeks to encourage economic development in historically underutilized business zones - "HUB Zones" - through the establishment of preferences for award of Federal contracts to small businesses located in such areas. These Federal contracting opportunities will help stimulate economic Development in distressed urban and rural communities and on Indian reservations. SBA is responsible for certifying eligible firms, investigating eligibility challenges, and reporting the results to Congress.

The purpose of the HUB Zone program is to stimulate enterprise, expand employment, and promote community-based economic empowerment by offering federal contracting opportunities for small business concerns located in and hiring employees from HUB Zones. The program also includes lands within Indian Reservations.

JGA, Inc. 279 Broadway Suite 600, NJ, 07740 is located in
Census Tract "34025805600" which is qualified as a HUBZone.

In order to qualify for the program, a firm must be located within a designated HUB Zone area (parts of Long Branch are a designated HUB Zone area). Metropolitan areas can qualify based upon census tract criteria. Non-metropolitan counties must meet a specific income or unemployment test. Lands within the external boundaries of an Indian reservation also qualify. Further requirements are that the firm must be a small business that is owned and controlled by U.S. citizens and at least 35% of its employees are HUB Zone residents.

HUB Zone firms will have the opportunity to negotiate sole source contracts and participate in restricted competition limited to HUB Zone firms. Also, small businesses located in HUBZone areas will be allowed a ten percent price evaluation preference in full and open competition. In such cases, the price offered by a HUB Zone firm will be determined lower than the price offered by a non-HUB Zone firm as long as the HUB Zone firm's price is not more than 10% higher than the price offered by the otherwise lowest, responsive offeror.

Details on HUB Zone Program legislation, eligibility requirements, applications, timeframes, and benefits are all available on the SBA web site (www.sba.gov/hubzone). All applicants are encouraged to apply electronically through that web site. Hard copies may be downloaded or requested, but SBA prefers to keep this process paperless and simple. If a firm does not have access to the Internet, it will be allowed to use the computers located at the Business Information Centers (BIC's) to determine HUBZone areas and to apply. In New Jersey the BIC's are at the SBA offices located on the 15th floor of 2 Gateway Center in downtown Newark and at Camden County Community College, 200 Broadway, 5th Floor, Camden, NJ. All inquiries about the program should be directed to HUB Zone, or contact Richard G. Zilg, Assistant District Director for Minority Enterprise Development at (973)645-2531.

Click here to learn about the benefits of the HUB Zone program!

This Information is available : http://www.longbranch.org/HUBZone/program.htm
Also visit SBA for complete information on The HUB Zone Empowerment Contracting Program Click here.

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